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The Genesis

If we can outline just one leading trend of future economy, it’s about the dispersion.

Let’s take a good look at your day.

Your cinema visit has been dispersed to watching the next Star Wars movie on your Disney+, going to the restaurant has been dispersed to ordering from it via cloud kitchen delivery app, going to a bank was dispersed by a fintech app, going to the gym by having a Peloton at home and you now even disperse your travel and time for a dull meeting in another city by a quick and efficient Zoom call. You get the idea.

Last crisis has served as an accelerant of numerous trends that were with us before. Some things might even return to old, but many will not, they will become the new norms.

The resonance of new times will shape all businesses and consumers for the rest of this decade, eventually cutting out the middleman and eliminating the supply chain costs and delivering significantly better experiences and lower costs and frictions to the consumers. In other words: better, cheaper, and faster.

Many dormant sectors will be turned upside down: from healthcare to real estate and everything in between. And as the previous crisis has already indicated, they will be shaped by consumers, who will act as investors’ main compass. And their readiness to spend will lead to post-crisis craving for new things – products, services, and experiences.

So, next logical step is to start something new now and businesses nowadays are eager to invest in exploring and making bold moves.

The Consulting

The need for high quality and relevant consulting support will increase. We are living in the data abundant times and if anything, consulting is all about anticipating the changes and coming up with the best possible reactions. Even more, today’s circumstances are affecting the world of consulting to its core – its beliefs and business models.

Will the consulting industry stay the same in the future? Not likely. We believe that the future of consulting is not in monolithic gigantic organizations, but rather in a network of nimble highly industry and service offering specialized consulting companies.

It is also by no coincidence that big consulting companies have in recent years went acquiring agile companies with digital analytical skills, digital agencies or even classic creative agencies to spark back the creative thinking that is possible in small and agile systems.

One can easily say, consulting delivery models are becoming dynamic and flexible and given the new business norms, global competencies are more accessible than ever.

Our response? To give our data-based knowledge, creativity and experiences a new voice and a fresh ever-changing shape: a new consulting firm Vision Partners.

Thinking ahead, understanding the industry dynamic on time and make the right strategic moves is becoming the key prerequisite to survive, grow and thrive.

Our Way

Results driven

We define our success in real terms by the results we deliver. We do not make recommendations and walk away. We stick around until the job is done.

Simple and Practical

We create simple yet powerful and implementable solutions and then realize them. Because we operate without corporate overheads, our focus is only on what brings true value to our clients. 


We deliver on our promises and are the firm that clients trust. We do not aim to work for the many, but those we do work for, trust the essential elements of what we do.


Working for us is like being on a high-performing, professional sports team whilst having the flexibility and freedom to focus on your own life and career ambitions. With us you can achieve the perfect work-life balance because we support our people to go as far as they want, without losing their private lives.