Client stories

Client Story

Growth readiness assessment reveals true potential of the new digital product

VP was engaged to unlock the situation where the client was not able to make decision on how to proceed with the development of its new digital product. Based on the results of VP analysis and insights, client gained full perspective on the realistic potential of its product and decided to act on VP recommendations.

The client made strategic investments in an internally developed revenue management solution, seeking to maximize its potential and market positioning. However, uncertainty persisted regarding the true extent of the digital product's capabilities and whether its positioning adequately aligned with market demands. Alongside this evaluation, an enticing opportunity emerged for the client to form a strategic partnership with a prominent player in the industry.

To address these challenges, we conducted a comprehensive growth assessment of both the client's company and the potential partner. Our evaluation encompassed an in-depth analysis of their respective market positions, competitive advantages, and growth potential. We meticulously examined the client's revenue management solution and the partner's complementary offerings, exploring the synergy that could be achieved through collaboration.

Based on our thorough assessment, we developed clear and actionable recommendations for the client. Firstly, we advised on pursuing organic growth by leveraging the existing strengths and resources of the company. This approach would involve refining the positioning of the digital product, optimizing its market reach, and capitalizing on its proven success.

Additionally, we recommended exploring the partnering opportunity with the adjacent player. Collaborating with a recognized industry leader could provide access to new markets, expanded customer bases, and shared resources. We outlined the potential benefits, risks, and considerations involved in such a partnership, enabling the client to make an informed decision aligned with their strategic objectives.

In response to our recommendations, the client took decisive action, implementing the proposed strategies for growth. They leveraged their internal expertise and market insights to enhance the positioning of their revenue management solution. Simultaneously, they engaged in discussions with the potential partner, exploring the feasibility of a strategic alliance that would amplify their collective impact in the market.