Deal Execution

Once you have decided to buy or sell, we can help you run the best practice process to maximize the value of your deal.

Deal Execution
Deal Execution

Lead Advice

Lead sell side or buy side advisory or deal execution is not a mere set of transactional project management exercises. Those activities are in reality essential for maximizing the value of a deal, whether you are the buyer or a seller. We work together with you and your team to manage the complexity of the M&A process and stakeholder interest both pre and post-close. We are not afraid of putting our all into the game and working together towards the same goal.

Business Due Diligence

We validate commercial considerations related to market development, competition, customer/client perception, growth opportunities, and risk. We perform implementation-focused operations due diligence, highlighting and quantifying opportunities, costs, execution priorities, issues, and red flags. We assess management capacity and track records to review proposed incentives and potential impact on business.


Most valuations today are volatile pricing exercises, not valuations. We help you translate the narrative of either your business or your target business into a set of finance fundamentals, so in the end, you know precisely what kind of business you are selling or buying.