After you have made an acquisition, we can help you integrate, optimize, and grow your new asset quickly to extract the maximum value from it.


Post-Merger Integration

Integration is the area where most deals fail to deliver their promises. We help setup, run, and execute successful integration teams and processes. In our approach, we focus on value creation and detailed preparation for integration, and together with you, we execute the integration task rigorously. Top performers in M&A focus on a few key areas during the integration and they ensure they get them right. We help you identify and execute those areas in a collaborative and effective manner.


Following a successful deal, we help you optimize your asset by separating the organizations, segregating the duties, putting together governance structures, developing standalone financial reporting, decoupling systems and processes, separating operations, analyzing and reviewing the separation costs, and in the end, providing M&A lead advisory and project management.

Growth and Performance

After the integration is done, we help you accelerate your asset to its full growth path by providing our organic growth services in revenue growth, cost transformation, pricing optimization, and support around brand, products, and data.