Strategy and Pre-Deal

Our pre-deal services are about helping you understand which targets are the best for you and your business strategy, and how you should plan to execute them in an efficient and effective manner.

Strategy and Pre-Deal
Strategy and Pre-Deal

M&A Strategy

We align your M&A strategy with your business strategy, locate suitable targets, prioritize and map to a realistic timeline, and help build relationships with your future partners, all with a clear and actionable understanding of how value will be captured in a systematic and repeatable manner.


Synergies are often overlooked or done superficially, but they are the essence of value creation. We go beyond due diligence, and we open the aperture to exceed traditional synergies. Our work ensures that before you engage in costly deal processes or start bidding you understand the realistic potential of every deal presented and that you are prepared to capture the maximum value during your deal integration process.

Target Origination

Sometimes you will need pragmatic support in target origination, rather than comprehensive M&A strategy development. By leveraging on our deep understanding of the markets and industries where we operate, we can generate deals for you and review potential transactions by evaluating each transactions’ rationale and value potential.