Achieving fast organic growth by leveraging on your brand, marketing, pricing, and data analytics domains is one of the low hanging fruits to grow your business and profit. However, to be able to do so, you need to strengthen the commercial side with the right strategies, capabilities, governance, and insights. By leveraging proficiency in the sales and marketing domains, we can help you achieve faster and more profitable growth.


Pricing Strategy

Obtaining relevant sales data, with increasing computational analytical capabilities, promises to improve demand planning, customer behavior prediction, and sourcing the right business decision tools. In today’s world of information complex business, companies require robust pricing and promotion strategies, as well as the right set of people capabilities working alongside effective business decision tools in order to achieve their objectives. We support you in defining a pricing and promotions strategy that is aligned with your business strategy and capabilities.

Go-to-market Strategy

For companies that want to be the future winners, their markets are global or macro-regional. We understand all the elements you need to consider in order to achieve top line growth faster and more efficiently when entering new markets and launching new products and services. This includes: specific consumer profile analysis, identification of the right growth segments, evaluation of operational capabilities, setting up sales and logistics, budgeting for ATL/BTL, and online marketing communication activities. We support you by defining your comprehensive market entry strategies.

Data-driven Monetization

The value of data is increasing and can optimize top and bottom-line performance, but only if data is properly structured, equipped with appropriate models, and enriched for further use. In order to utilize this high volume of data, companies must adapt their organizational design to allow data and analytics to become a crucial part of operations.

We help to identify the value of data for several objectives: increase customer lifetime value, optimize sales with new revenue streams, reduce cost in several areas (R&D, logistics, etc.), and implement BI tools for faster decision making.

Sales and Marketing Restructuring

Sales and marketing functions are becoming far more challenging and complex. CMOs must embrace the impact of technology, changing consumer behavior, and utility of data on how marketing and sales are operating. We perceive marketing to be the key driver of a company’s top and bottom-line performance. It must be properly, organizationally structured, equipped with complex knowledge and IT technology expertise, and reach far beyond market communication and branding. We help to prepare your marketing and sales teams to move forward.

Brand Strategy

When we think of enhancing your brand, we do not simply consider advertising. There is much more that you should be doing to maximize the benefits from your brand. Good brand strategy is at the foundation of value creation. To get disproportionately higher returns, we help you understand the improvement areas of your brand and identify where to allocate time and capital when it comes to the brand portfolio design.