We help solve your key business performance issues by presenting ways you should restructure in order to: preserve the value or grow your margins by improving costs, optimize portfolio structures, and improve organizational performance. Our approach is simple, pragmatic, and value-driven. Furthermore, we are not done until your desired top and bottom line impact/result have been reached. Our approach is hands-on and we apply the agility approach to organization design and go way beyond plain rightsizing exercises.



In the most urgent situations, businesses need to stabilize their finances and improve their operations to preserve value. We help companies improve results for the benefit of all stakeholders. We work with a short and long-term view, and our efforts are designed to have immediate, material, and quantifiable positive impacts. Our approach balances both growth and efficiency during the restructuring exercise in a logical and persuasive way.

Organizational Performance

We solve your performance challenges in relation to organizations and process design. This helps achieve better execution of strategy, better flexibility with regards to market changes, better agility whilst maintaining focus on deliverable results and accountability, better efficiency when executing processes, and better identification of which IT solution can improve operations. Focusing on these key elements drives operational excellence.

Cost Transformation

Cost transformation is about simplifying, focusing, and strengthening your organization to improve growth and customer experience. Our approach focuses on optimizing costs and working capital in your core operations, support functions, spending budgets, and usage of technology in order to achieve better cost performance.

Portfolio Optimization

Product and service portfolio complexity spends resources on several levels, ranging from product management, marketing communications, logistics, working capital, R&D&D, etc. We help you identify the products that put the most pressure on resource spend areas and optimize your portfolio to capture the savings and get additional growth. Our objective is to focus on the top products that have a respective impact on top line and profit margins form your portfolio.

Technology Automation

New automation technologies can have a big, positive impact on how companies operate. But they also tend to increase your CAPEX budgets. Before implementing a new solution, most company’s clients are also limited with operational capabilities and digital expertise. Our extensive experience with pre-sourcing assessments that focus on internal capabilities, process design, and business impact of implemented IT automation solutions allows us to support you when finding the right IT automation solutions that will improve performance.